About Me

I can work at various levels of contact, from Reiki to Deep Tissue, and with varying needs and goals, from relaxation to game-time preparation.

I LOVE problem solving. "I have a headache" makes me want to start at your feet and restack you like a crooked Jenga tower, not just to relieve your headache in the moment, but to extend the time between headaches and decrease your need for medications.

My "calling" appears to be working with the physical aspects of trauma. I work well with people who need to calm their nervous system to allow their body, mind, and soul to heal.

Tell me what your wellness goals are, and I will do what is within my scope to help you achieve them!

I started my journey to Massage Therapy in high school as a student athletic trainer. I worked with the State Championship Football Team (Go Skeeters!), baseball, and basketball teams. My job: injury rehab using hot or cold baths or compresses, TENS machine, and rehab exercises. (I did similar work at a chiropractic office in 2017-2018 when I wasn't working in a massage room.) I also did support taping for injured wrists, ankles, and knees and have carried that with me into my current career using Kinesiotape and Athletic tape when requested. First aid was must-have knowledge for handling an injury immediately (sprains, strains, breaks, scrapes, and concussions)

After high school, I got my MT license, and after about 3 years I burned myself out because I thought I knew it all.

I spent the next 10 years managing specialty retail at Leslie's Swimming Pool Supplies before returning to what I feel is my true calling and passion. Those 10 years taught me how to take complex subjects (like water chemistry and Automatic Pool Cleaner mechanics) and discuss them simply so my customers could understand why they were purchasing the things they were purchasing. The mechanics of the pool cleaners and motors taught me how to be sensitive to little sounds and movements of the machine in front of me so I could repair it. Working with the public taught me the importance of customer service, how to treat people with respect and dignity while maintaining and protecting the business.

I relicensed in 2017 and have been learning everything I can since then. 

I worked in a chiropractic clinic for 9 months right out of MT school (the second time). I left before I felt the effects of burnout take hold, but while I was there I worked on a LOT of bodies every day. I touched between 8 and 24 different people every shift. Each person was recently in a car accident or suffering from an on-the-job injury. This afforded me the opportunity to gain a mountain of experience in how our bodies work to stay moving and grooving after being knocked off balance. It also gave me experience working with people suffering from the emotional effects of their traumatic experience. I learned how to calm and soothe people who still felt tense, nervous, or scared even though the accident was over.

Outside of my massage practice, I am currently working as a Massage Therapy instructor in the same place I studied. I am teaching new therapists how to do what I do with their own style. Their education promotes a basic understanding of:

Anatomy and Physiology - what we are made of and how it functions.

Pathology - the things that make us ill, how those illnesses present themselves (signs and symptoms) and common Medical and Complementary Alternative Medicine treatments for those illnesses.

Health & Hygiene - how to get well and stay well (mind, body,and spirit), and prevent the spread of disease.

Body Mechanics - how to prevent repetitive stress disorders while working.

Ethics - what is and is not acceptable behavior for a massage therapist and his/her client.

Massage Theory - different methods/modalities (that require further study), and belief systems about the effects of what we do.

Business - marketing, operations, employment/entrepreneur